The Process of Peace is an idea I came up with after years of searching for Peace, Clarity and Divine Guidance in my own life. It is a compilation of some of my favorite therapies that I have received, some tried and true tools for support, and other disciplines that have helped me retain sanity and harmony. I now share these ideas and therapies with you.

I have been a light worker/body worker for 21 years. I have worked in spas, jails, crystal stores and most recently a doctor’s office. I talk to angels and fairies on a regular basis and a few years ago I  had the pleasure of working with a lady who is very plugged into the Angel Kingdom and the Divine….Doreen Virtue. I now do Angel Readings and teach classes about working with the Archangels, your Guardian Angels and The Fairy Realm.  To find out more about each of these therapies, tools and classes please click on the links above. I am located in Larkspur California in Marin County and in Santa Rosa at eXclusive Spa in Sonoma County. I am available by appointment only.  To schedule an appointment in Marin County please call or text me at (707) 888-6200. To schedule an appointment in Sonoma County call or text me at (707) 888-6200 or call eXclusive Spa at (707) 528-8266.

My wish for you is to enjoy your journey…your own process of peace,