Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

The lymphatic system is a major factor in your immune system health. It is the waste water treatment plant for your body. This system breaks down large proteins too big to be useful to us and then makes them small enough for proper absorption. This system also has a major part in filtering excess water and toxins from our bodies. It has no pump to move the lymph, so we must stimulate it by walking briskly, deep breathing exercises, using a mini trampoline and/or receiving Lymphatic Massage. This is an add on treatment consisting of a Far Infrared Dome “The Hot House” and the “Chi Machine”.

Marin County                          Sonoma County

1/2 Hour $40                          For outcall I use a Far Infrared Mat

                                                 and the “Chi Machine” 

~                                                 1/2 Hour $40 as an out call add on

~                                                 1/2 Hour $60 as a stand alone out call service