Angel Classes

Getting to Know Your Archangels  (all day with an hour lunch break)

Do you ever feel like the Angels are too busy to help you with little things, like cleaning your house or fixing your love life? They’re NOT! They have been waiting for you to ASK! This class will show you how to make close friends with your Archangels. You will learn which Angels to call on for specific situations. We will also be discussing their aura colors and which stones resonate with each Angel. Handouts provided.

Working with the Angels to Reduce Anxiety, Depression and Stress
(half day class with breaks)

In this class we will be working with the Angels to remove old patterns and clear lower energies. Many times what we are feeling is not our own emotions but the emotions of those around us. Most of us have psychic abilities we aren’t even aware of. Because of this, sometimes the messages and guidance we are receiving become just another layer of “too much input” when we are already feeling overwhelmed. Our main focus will be on working with our own Guardian Angels and a few specific Archangels. Our work will also be supported with simple breathing techniques, crystals and nature. Please join me and allow yourself the freedom to feel your true self.

Learning to Talk to Your Angels 
(this is a 1 ½ hour class for children – a parent must also attend)

Help your child and yourself experience the joy of always having someone around to talk to whether you are having a good day or a bad day. I have selected several Archangels that are especially helpful when you have a conflict you can’t resolve, if you are feeling bad about yourself, if you need help being organized or studying, etc. We will also be discussing how we all have Guardian Angels and how to talk to them, see them and hear them.